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Izzini Bausku!


Explore Bauska through a child’s point of view.

1.Legends of Bauska

The Vikings

It is well known that local inhabitants called Semigallians fought against the Vikings in Viking Age. Name of Semigallia (Semi – middle, gallia - land) - Simkala called by the Vikings, has been found on runes on Selaön island in Mälaren lake, in Sweden. The Vikings navigated river the Lielupe till Mezotne although it is possible that they explored inland and landed here.

Lielupe as “Kurlandisches Aa

Earlier German maps show that Germans called the LielupeKurlandisches Aa”. A legend tells us the reason - the place where Lielupe starts, looks like the letter A from above. German knights were surprised by the view so much that the only thing they could say was “AAAAAAAA”.

Juvenility Water

The legend is that water taken from place where Lielupe starts is miraculous. Everyone who washes into this water turns young and stays young forever.

After 1777, local adventurer, a philosopher, a botanist, a chemist, a pharmacist and a great poet, Magno Cavallo gained by this legend. He filled the water in small bottles and sold them as elixir of life. A goat and a pigeon were his loyal fellow – travellers.

The Lielupe river

Once upon a time the Devil tried to fill up the river Lielupe. Firstly he tried to fill up with soil but he failed because of heavy rain sent by the God. Then he tried to fill up Lielupe with stones but he was interrupted by a singing rooster and Devil had to disappear. May be it is the reason why Lielupe here in Bauska is so shallow.

In the picture of Bauska in 18th century you can see that rivers were rich with water.

Birds in Bauska

The legend tells that when Bauska Castle had been built ravens ruined the work during the night.

There are lots of rooks in Bauska Castle Park every summer. They have arrived here together with Napoleon’s Army in the beginning of 19th century.

Swans often can be seen in Lielupe’s calm water. They are the symbol of love. The presence of swans testifies divine purity which you can feel as calm, love and harmony.

Every year in July here you can watch ducks with their ducklings.

Bauska Castle History

Livonian Order (the army of German crusaders which conquered territory of Latvia in 13th century) built the castle to protect the border with Lithuania and control the trade route from Lithuania to Riga. Visit for more Bauska Castle facts from history.

Bauska Castle and town Bauska through centuries were called in varied versions: Bauschkenborch, Bauskenburg, Powszke, Bawsenburg, Boske, Boisk, Bowsenborch, Bauske.


Legends about Bauska Castle

One day a king of Sweden had hidden large chest full with money in one of castle’s cellars. He ordered to kill all servants who brought the chest to keep the secret safe. Nobody can enter that cellar because after some steps downstairs light turns off and even the bravest man goes back.

There are dolomite rocks in Jumpravmuiza (next to the river Lielupe). Even 70 years ago there could be seen tunnel entrance there. The tunnel led under the river Lielupe to the Bauska castle. The underground route was used by Bauska’s nobles. Now the tunnel has filled up in several places.

A war between Swedes and Poles armies broke out when Swedes had ruled the Bauska Castle. The Poles had captured all Bauska county except the castle. It remained impregnable because of a witch living in the castle tower who spelled the Poles’ guns and cannons so that all bullets went past. Nobody could hit the witch, Poles tried their hardest in shooting the witch, but she just laughed and said: “Look, how gadflies fly!”

Bridge over the river Musa

Bauska had been accessible by crossing the ferries over rivers Musa and Memele (spring –late autumn) until 19th century. There was built a wooden bridge on rock basement over the river Musa in 1888. After the 1st World War when Latvia country was founded, Maritime Department led all traffic issues connected with waters, including bridges over the rivers. That explains the iron sign as a stamp with inscription “Jūrniecības departaments” (Maritime Department) built in the bridge basement. A sign like this also you can find under the bridge over the river Memele.

TASK: Find the sign!

TEASER: There are two men and a boat at the river. Both of men should cross the river to get on the other side of it but the boat can bear only one person. What should they do to get both of them on the other bank of the river?

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